Wednesday, 21 September 2016

the best bagels in NYC

I've recently returned from working and travelling in America, you can read about my camp america experience here or travelling here if you like. Whilst I was travelling I visited New York and wanted to immerse myself into a bit of american life. My boyfriend was obsessed with finding the 'perfect breakfast bagel' something I thought was a bit of a fad. Hey I stand corrected. He found this specific bagel place online and made a bee line for it. So i visit this bagel place and immediately fall in love with the interior, the layout and the way in which we were served. 

Then, the best bit. The bagels, well. They are just AMAZING. We had the Scrambled egg, Bacon and Cheese on a classic white bagel. GOD it was good. It was that full I almost struggled to bite it properly! Also the freshest orange juice ever. So I stand corrected. I'd go as far as to say, the best bagels in NYC. In true foodie style, I have located my favourite breakfast in the USA.
So, Murray's Bagels, you rock.

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