Saturday, 13 August 2016

Travelling San Francisco

Hello from the USA again! so if you've been reading my recent blog posts you may know i'm currently working on an American summer camp and travelling in my spare time. A couple of weeks ago I visited San Francisco and I was not disappointed. The travel experiences I'm having are with my Camp, as we take all of our campers travelling around the USA (how lucky am I). However travelling with over two hundred teenagers is harder than you think, but its also a lot of fun and we call it 'work'! We traveled to various places within San Fran and I just wanted to share with you my favorite parts of the amazing trip we had. Travelling as part of my Camp America experience is very rare and not something that usually happens at camp. It just so happens that I was recruited to work on a camp for teenagers, you can read more about this in my last post here. We visited San Fran for five nights, which was just the right amount of time. So now i'll show you the best bits we got up to.

The first really enjoyable thing was the flight, with free food, drink and wifi, and the ability to watch Kardashian's live from the screen in the seat in-front, it was right then that I decided I would always love domestic flights with Delta. The way everyone should travel.

We visited Alcatraz and did the audio tour. Ok so this sounds boring if you're not into the whole history thing. But i'm not much of a historian myself and I absolutely loved it. The audio tour really makes you feel like you're experiencing Alcatraz as it once was. I'm hoping to take my parents here to do the tour it was that good. The audio tour even tells you how many steps to take and what direction to look in. Its hard to describe but Alcatraz really moved me emotionally, and I barely knew anything about it. 

Whilst at Alcatraz we got to see the most amazing views of San Francisco skyline. Breathtaking. 

I even met the dog of my dreams in a park in San Fran whilst doing some community service with my campers. HOW CUTE. I need him now.

The good times just keep on coming as we visit the Painted Ladies, house goals or what.

Another day we ventured a little further a field and went to Santa Cruz beach and boardwalk for the day, love this pic of the trees.

Spent the entire day chilling and spending time with our campers.
Oh and meet my co-counselor Ashley, my kiwi babe!!!

Queue the GoPro posing...

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, we go on a DJ Dinner Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge!

The next day we went to the beach that is underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, and I was a little excited, hence the stance..

Then this is when we landed back in Newark international airport and I bought my first ever iced coffee from dunkin donuts! God they're addictive.

Overall I had such a lovely time in San Francisco with camp. Getting to travel with your campers is so rewarding and they really do make the experience life changing as you get to bond with them on a whole different level to daily camp life. The days were long and the get ups were early. But it was so worth it. I cannot wait to finish camp and continue my travelling but this time over the east coast! 


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