Thursday, 11 August 2016

Gin Fest Review

In May I was invited to attend Gin Fest in Hull, and GOD did I have a great night. So I feel its only right to give a front and center review of my experience. Having been in the USA for so long this review has taken far too long to be written, apologies. Luckily you still have opportunities to catch Gin Fest in your city such as Portsmouth (my uncles going to this one), London (Molly this one), Birmingham (Rachel this one), Sheffield, Burnley, Guildford, Edinburgh, Rochdale, Cardiff, Brighton (Liss this one) and Leicester (Oli this one)!! Click here for the link to the list of the locations of the next events. As you can see, i've recommended the event to a lot of my family and friends already. First here's some pics of the event I attended...

This is the little gin book guide you receive when you enter the event. 
FYI if you can still read this at the end of the Fest, you didn't drink enough!!
Oh and that first picture of the glass, yes we got to keep those!

Did I mention there were over 100 different Gins to try? (make mine a double plz)
Oh and a photobooth style thing that give free Polaroids, such a nice idea. 

I was welcomed to the event with PRESS PASSES (screams). 
We had complimentary Gins and then bought some more because they were simply that nice. 
Roughly twenty pounds bought us 4 large gins and mixers, and you could select the gins. 
My favorite flavors were the strawberry and the mango!
I took my boyfriend and four of our friends to this event and we literally had the best time. I may or may not have been rather tipsy. (please drink responsibly) 

So much so my parents are just deciding which event to attend, and I will also be attending again next year (please come to Hull).

Gin Festival should be available more often, the three days in Hull were sold out.
I was lucky enough to be invited otherwise I wouldn't have had tickets.

So a big thank you to Gin Festival, your concept is really special. 
Read more here.
Wishing you every success, i'll see you next year!


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