Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Paige Cavill Designs

I'm really passionate about supporting up and coming talent, particularly in Yorkshire and the Humber. I love all things arty farty. Fresh new start ups with something unique to offer are really fascinating to me. I've been sent the cutest little note books from Paige Cavill Designs and as you can imagine, the stationary loving nerd I am just went wild. First thing I did was upload these to Instagram. Within five minutes my mum had decided she was having one (blogger problems).

So this is me introducing my readers and followers to the one and only Paige Cavill Designs.
Who what where when, I here you ask? Well scroll down and i'll tell you more...

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Paige Cavill Designs is run by a 'one girl band' (i love that). All products are designed and produced in the UK which is something I support. Paige uses a range of hand painted designs and manipulated photography to get the desired effect. The company sells Notebooks and Phone cases (need to get my hands on one of those PASTEL DREAM PLZ). 

The best thing about this small and fresh startup is that Paige was simply a graduate with a idea and an idea that has evolved into such a successful concept, I think thats inspirational. 

The brand Paige Cavill Designs was started when Paige had to create print collections for her university modules (you need to see these gym pants she designed on her instagram click HERE omg they're amaze). 

I love that this is a journey, one that I see being really successful, some people just have IT (whatever that it may be) and Paige definitley does.

Go check out the SHOP yourself... 

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*Thank you to Paige Cavill Designs for sending me the notebooks, as always the review is of my own honest opinion. 


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