Monday, 8 February 2016

Winter Car Care Package

As some of you will know I am passionate about cars and all things car related. I drive an Audi A1 its my absolute baby and I love it. I saw a tweet about a local company offering care packages to bloggers to review I literally jumped at the chance. 

Over these cold winter months I've been using my car care package, kindly sent to me by Neil Hudgell Solicitors. This package has helped me to stay safe during the cold driving period, something i've been very grateful of. These items have become my essentials, i'll definitely be repurchasing some of these items for the next winter period. The cold is not over yet, so they're staying firmly in my boot for now. This package was sent to promote safe driving over the winter months. Not only does the weather effect driving, but also parties, and the choices you make as a driver. Something highlighted to me in this package is drinking at a party and then driving the next morning, something I rarely do. Just to be sure i'm safe to drive i've been using the alcosense alcohol level detectors before driving, such a great idea. Its always better to be safe than sorry. Another item that really came in handy was when my friend broke down and I went to go and help her, I got out of my car and got my high visibility vest out, I put that on as it made me more visible to cars, I think everyone needs one of these, you never know when you'll need it, and it could save your life. I love the tips cars that were included in the pack, they included key checks to be done before journeys. The little tree smells beautiful in my car! The scraper and deicer have been brilliant for when I leave work and my car has frozen over, luckily i've only used these twice in December so far. The little blue torch is also in the boot of my car, which I used a few weeks ago when I dropped my gym card outside when I left the gym and couldn't find it... (silly me). I'm keeping the hot hand warmers for a time when i'll really need them. The tips are also staying in my boot so that I can refer to them every winter as well as the emergency blanket. 

This package is like nothing I've ever been sent. It was great to actually use the items and see just how important it is to have basic car safety and awareness for the winter and also all year round.

Thank you to Neil Hudgell for sending me over the package.
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