Monday, 11 January 2016

Lemon Loving

When i'm feeling a little bit below par I look to restore my vitamins. Virtue drinks are low in calories and are naturally sweetened. The lemon ice tea is my favourite drink at the moment, i'm definitely a cold drink kind of person. I like to try and avoid fizzy high calorie drinks so Virtue really has me covered. Its light and refreshing just as ice tea should be. I love it from the can on the go, but at home at like to poor it over an glass full of idea and add some lemon slices, great for a little detox. Virtue drinks include vitamins and minerals which also help to build your immune system. 

Virtue drinks are stocked at WH Smiths, thats where I grab mine.
I'm yet to try the strawberry and peach one though.

See the Virtue page here:


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