Saturday, 12 December 2015

Sleepers Newland Avenue

There's nothing I love more than food. Genuinely. And in particular cheese. I needed to share with you my light sharing lunch I had with my mum. Sleepers, both in Hull and Beverley have become my favourite places to eat. They offer everything from Nachos with chilli beef to Grilled Halloumi, pictures above. I like to eat a light lunch, possibly accompanied by a small (I mean large) glass of wine. What better place to visit than Sleepers, Newland Avenue. Over the past few years Newland Avenue has become a hive for students, food and night life. They do all areas very well, more specifically, food they excel in. From Jamaican Patties at Roots to Fine dining at Henry Yeast, Newland Avenue has you covered. But from me, the favourite, has to be 100% Sleepers.

Here we have Grilled Halloumi & Feta, Olives & Pita.


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