Saturday, 12 December 2015

Coffee Confessions

Huge confession to make. I've not a fan of hot drinks. Ok. There. I said it. Even though i'm an office kinda girl, the whole 'fancy a brew?' thing just isn't me. I never wanted to make coffee or tea a part of my routine. One its calories I don't need. And Two I whiten my teeth, what a waste of time and effort it would be if I then drank tea and coffee all day long at work. But something has recently changed. Since the Hull Bloggers event in September Vita Coco has become this weekly treat for me. And honestly, I love it. Admittedly its the Mocha, but the difference with this is the Coconut Water within the Mocha. It makes the whole drink taste completely different. Its light and yet creamy. Its refreshing and not lingering. Vita Coco, you've changed my habit and i'm hooked. Well done.

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