Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Neal & Wolf; Peace Collection Review

A few weeks ago I received this beautiful parcel of Neal & Wolf Peace Collection products to review here on my blog. Little did I know just how essential these products have become to my daily hair care routine. I'm literally gutted that they're nearly empty, but also happy because they can now go on my christmas list, yay (mum if your reading this then thats great)!

Something that really strikes me about these products is the packaging, the bottles, their colour, the text on the bottles and how they look in my bathroom. I really love the deep purple. The next obvious element is the smell, its very distinctive, quite a heavy smell. I've been complimented on the smell of my hair at least 3 times in the past 4 weeks. Who doesn't want great smelling hair in two effortless steps. 

Having received a fair amount of hair products from the hull bloggers event, none of them stood out to me as much as this range that I was sent. Neal & Wolf, you're definitely on to something here with the candle and shampoo conditioner combo, its like the whole experience is new to me. As a brand they offer indulgence redefined, it could not be more true. 

My hair itself feels healthier, softer. It smells amazing. You need to smell this stuff.
Another thing my mum noticed was the shine of my hair. The shampoo is quite thick as far as shampoos go, almost with a gel feel. But it lathers so well with little effort. The true magic of softness is locked in the 5 minute conditioning session, the results are instant. 

All I can say is #EmbraceTheNight
Thank you Neal & Wolf for not only these products but showing exactly how you have redefined indulgence. 

Vlog with further pictures of my hair and review details to follow...

Get the peace collection here.
and the candle here.


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