Monday, 23 November 2015

A little taste of Coconut nspa

The only way I can describe this product is like a little drop of summer in a bottle. For me the smell of coconut just reminds me of summer, Ibiza, Mallorca, Marbella, sunbathing, cocktails and of course coconut oil. There is honestly nothing better than getting back from work and running a deep bubble bath complete with nspa coconut aroma. Although its not summer and those cold dark nights have set in, its not too late to reflect on the summer times of the year. I recommend this product, a summer playlist and a fruity drink. Close your eyes, and you could be anywhere.

Something i'm even more impressed by is the brand, Natural Spa. The brand is stocked in Asda, I love how I can pick this up at the same time as my food shopping! I love their idea of 'affordable indulgence bottled'. I love the smoothing finish that the in bath/shower cream leaves. When i'm running a bath everyone compliments the smell coming from the bathroom. I'm on my second bottle of Nspa Coconut, the bottle is huge, it lasted around 2 months of everyday use!

This product is available here.

This product was from the Hull Bloggers Event!
Thank you to nspa.


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