Friday, 2 October 2015

Luxemme Two Piece

As a blogger i'm obsessed with online shopping and really do get excited when a delivery arrives. When you unwrap that item, try it on and look in the mirror for the first time, I think thats my favourite part of online shopping. I am pictured below doing exactly that.  I've recently collaborated with a brand called Luxemme. I was allowed to select an item from their online store and they sent me it to share with my lovely readers! Above i've laid out all the items I will wear the outfit with, a bit like a lookbook. 

Luxemme aim to deliver premium clothing with a realistic price tag. The company also offer a limited edition section, something i'm passionate about. Lets face it, when you go on a night out with all your girls the last thing you want to see when you get into the club is another girl wearing the same thing as you. Its good to want to be different, to look different and to shop for items online that are bespoke. Luxemme have really grasped that concept. I'm wearing the 'Charisse Suede Crop Scallop Two Piece' from the limited edition section for £35.00; swoon. I'm loving suede and already have my eye on my next must have from Luxemme. I think this look is perfect for a night out with your girls! Or you could even wear it for a meal partnered with a black blazer.


Head straight to their website, and have a look at some of the limited edition pieces. As well as this they offer an extensive range of other items such as Blazers, Dresses, Jackets, Jumpsuits, Knitwear, Playsuits, Skirts, Tops, Trousers, Two Pieces & Co-ords, Limited Edition, and even Sale items!

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