Friday, 16 October 2015

#DearMrLista Competition

Who wants to win one thousand pounds worth of products from any online retailers?! I know I do. I've recently been working with a new company called Mr Lista. Mr Lista is an online tool that you can use to organise the items that you want to buy online. You may have seen me use this tool before to display the products from a review. Oh and this is me getting excited about my competition entry!

The best way to see exactly how Mr Lista works is to go to their website and while you're there enter their competition. Watch my vlog for more information on how to enter.

this is my entry list!

Step 1. click on the link above.
Step 2. either log in or sign up.
Step 3. go to 'my listas' on the left and click 'create a new list'
Step 4. click on wish list
Step 5. give your list a name, e.g. Anna's Wishlist
Step 6. click ok and you will be taken to your blank list.
Step 7. Add the MrLista button to your browser.
Step 8. go to your chosen website e.g.
Step 9. Choose an item. Click on the item. 
Step 10. Click on the button in your web browser bar 'AddToMrLista'.
Step 11. Add the item and click ok.

Do this for all of the items you wish to add to your list. up to the value of £1000.
Finally visit the above link again and submit your list to Mr Lista as your competition entry.

For more terms and conditions please click on the terms and conditions page on the MrLista website.

Any questions, message me or tweet me @annaluefook
or email me

and don't forget to hashtag #DearMrLista

Who needs santa anyway?!


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