Thursday, 10 September 2015

Two Nights in Windsor

This week i've been in Windsor with my parents, we're on a bit of an english road trip which we do every year but to different places. Given the current celebrations of the Queen we did think that Windsor was a fitting location. I've been to Windsor before when I was younger, but it certainly wasn't like this. This place is brilliant for shopping and a bit of history, oh and delicious food, my idea of the perfect english holiday destination. The first day we just travelled down from Hull in the car and went out for our evening meal on the night. 

On the second day we went to Windsor Castle. Together we thought was would be a brilliant way to celebrate the Queen having the overall longest reign. We had hoped some royals would have been at Windsor Castle but unfortunately a lot of them were in Scotland with the Queen. However being in the Castle was an amazing experience and some usually private areas were opened up to celebrate the special occasion! 

In the afternoon we went for a walk around Eton and found these beautiful riverside apartments. We found the value of the apartments were 2.5 million each through a local estate agents, a girl can dream. The swans were gathering around the people at the waterside to be fed, and they look so pretty all huddled together. 

On the evening we went for dinner at Bills, a restaurant and bar, small and very homely. Its a franchise, but i've never seen or eaten at a Bills before. I wish we had one in Hull. I had breaded hamoumi to start with garlic mayo and mac and cheese for main. Cheese lover yes I am. I washed it down with a blush cider. Need to locate these ciders for at home definitely! 

One of the amazing breakfasts I had, my first Patisserie Valerie experience, eggs toast and bacon, FAB.

Some pictures of Lizzie's gaff, lol.

Me all kitted out in Lizzie's gaff, go pro an all.

Accidentally fell into Bobbi Brown, £140 later i'm out. oops.

Final night YO! Sushi, god I love this place. and #mateplates offers.

Exploring in Windsor and finding doors that look like this, ahhhh door envy? is that a thing? errr?

We did late night walks into Windsors grounds, and found beautiful views like this!

Me trying and failing to model.

Windsor, Eton and One G-Wagon for good measure.

Vlog of my trip coming asap, go pro filmed, yey.

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