Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Truth About Being Short

I'm going to do something I don't normally do. Share something with you thats really close to my heart, something thats a part of me that I can never change. Its something i'm living with and always will. I hope someone reading this can relate to how I feel. A couple of weeks ago I uploaded a picture to Facebook which highlighted how short I actually am. Since then a few people have mentioned that I should write about it on my blog. In the picture below the girls stood next to me are aged 9, 7 and 9. I’m 21, nearly 22. One girl was literally as tall as me. Being small is a part of me and a part that at one point I so desperately wanted to change. But i've come a long way since then. Before you judge the short girl, read my story.

I am 4 feet 9 inches tall. Short to say the least. All my life I’ve had negative comments about being little and usually I have a quick and clever reply to fire back to people that have something to say.  Another example is the second image, my cousins are aged 5 and 7. Yes I can make a joke about it, because that’s my way of dealing with it.

What strikes me about being short is how acceptable people find it to point out the obvious. I wouldn’t walk through town and point at someone and say “you’re fat”, so why should people be allowed to comment on my height. I take a lot of it to heart, it has effected me a lot throughout my life. There are a few things to note about my height. In 2009 it was noticed by my doctor that I hadn’t grown for over a year, which they said was abnormal. My parents are both short, so I didn’t really think much of it. I had always been small in comparison to my friends anyway. However I was referred to a clinic and it was at that point that I came to realize just how short I actually am in comparison to others around me. This was made worse by everyone’s growth spurts when people turned up at school one day and literally looked like they’d been sleeping in a grow bag. I felt shorter than ever. I was upset and worse of all I couldn’t control it. I had tests done and they confirmed that the growth plates had fused completely in my legs; which meant I wouldn’t grow at all anymore unless they intervened. I then made the decision to go onto growth hormone self injecting everyday for a year to try and grow. There are many side effects of this hormone and so it was a big decision. A year later I had grown a centimeter, it was devastating, because at the time I thought I had some chance of growing a few inches. Growth hormone probably gave me that centimeter, and it also made me really hungry, I put on a bit of weight but overall the treatment was deemed unsuccessful.

I did reach a point where I became almost depressed about my height and how I couldn’t change it. But gradually I’ve realized there are a lot of people that are a lot worse off than me. I should be thankful for my two working legs no matter how short they may be.

Here are some funny things that all short people know to be true. 

1.    People will point out you are short, All. The. Time.
Did I forget this morning when I woke up? Thank you for reminding me!

2.    Jeans never fit. They need taking up, cheeky £10 wasted for you there.

3.    Pencil skirt? Think MAXI skirt, everything looks ridiculously long.

4.    Baking some buns need the flour?
Baking a curry need the powder? Climb that worktop like your doing it a favour.

5.    People often mistake you for a child, which is fine if it’s a paid entry event.
Not so useful if you’ve forgotten your ID.

6.    People in night clubs like to; lift you up, put a pint on your head or simply sing umpa lumpa.
Gosh I’m definitely going home with you now you’ve cracked a height joke.

7.    When the pool says shallow prepare to drown.

8.    There is zero point in going to any kind of music festival.
When my friends ask me if I want to go to Vfest and the real question is
do you want to look at thousands of peoples backs for 3 days?
I’ll pass on that one thanks.

9.    Having to explain to a car dealership that you can only drive a small car because you
can’t reach the pedals.

10. Your friends shouting at you as you drive by ‘Don’t you need a booster seat?’
No. Thank. You. Next. Joke.

11. Getting called an angry hobbit because I wouldn’t go home with some guy in a club.

12. I will always look like a teenage pregnancy, no matter how old I am when I get pregnant, devastating.

13. Wearing trainers and thinking I literally look about 9.

14. When your mum tells you she’s booked a hotel but that I
need to wear flat shoes so I can pass as an 16 year old. GREAT MUM THANKS.

15. Going for a walk with your friends and realizing you need to jog to keep up.

16. Having to deal with dangeling legs no matter what chair you sit on.

17. Never being able to see into bathroom mirrors.

18. People repeatedly asking me if I’m a midget. I don’t like that word. I don’t know the actual definition. and quiet frankly its none of your business, thanks, bye.

19. When a stumble into the TALL section in topshop and just giggle to myself, lol, never, ever.

20. Having to wear heels all the time, my feet are killing me just thinking about this. 

If theres one thing i've learnt, on this cruel and short (excuse the pun) journey of mine is that
people enjoy pointing out other peoples flaws. I've never been like that.
I never will be like that. People are different. People look different. Be proud of who you are. 

and remember if someone points out your small just think about the fact that
the only bad thing they could identify about you is that there isn't enough of you...



  1. I loved this Anna! I can't really relate directly as I get the exact opposite but it was interesting to see what it's like from your perspective! I've thought to myself 1000's of times "I wish I was short" for various reasons but it just shows there's good and bad points to being tall, short, fat, thin! I laughed at your funny points too because I do the exact same but on the flip! So when you stumble in to the tall section and have a little giggle I do the exact same when I end up in the petite section! haha

    Really nice post! :) xx

  2. Aw thanks Jordan! Just got to be happy in the skin we're in! xx