Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Teeth Whitening Essentials

My most requested post at the moment is how I whiten my teeth. So what better way to tell you all on here with the relevant links to the products I use. I wasn't born with nice teeth at all, in fact age 14 I had braces put on by an orthodontist in Hull. I had traditional wired 'train tracks' as they used to be known. I had braces on for around 18 months and my parents actually paid for me to have them done privately as there wasn't any government funding for it at the time. When my orthodontist took my braces off, she said how lovely my teeth were, I've got quite a full smile if that makes sense. My teeth are a good size and the work I had done over that period really helped to make my teeth into the perfect smile. I've always had a keen interest in my teeth and so I researched how I could maintain and enhance the smile i'd been given!

After having my braces on for 18 months, I was so terrified they would move back to how they looked before, overcrowded and ugly! I wore a removable retainer at night for 5 years (lol i hated it but i'm now glad I did wear it). I went back to my orthodontist and said that I was worried if I stopped wearing it that my front teeth would move back into their awful original position. I'd met a girl on holiday called Maegan Cottone (she's actually little mix's vocal coach) who had a fixed retainer, to ensure they didn't move back. My orthodontist said this was a relatively new thing but was happy to fit me with one. Again this treatment was paid for and not free. 

After all the time and effort ensuring they wouldn't move, I looked online a lot at whitening. For my birthday my parents paid for my teeth to be whitened, but this was the cost of a consultation with my orthodontist and then she gave me the products to use at home. I go back regularly for follow up treatments to ensure i'm getting on ok.

To make it easier for you to view, research and or purchase these items I have listed them all via MrLista click on the image below!

Here are my four key products:

So everyday I use Blanx Toothpaste, this is a natural whitening toothpaste, I have reviewed the whole Blanx range before, to read this click here. I use this toothpaste on my 'Colgate A1500 ProClinical Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush' which auto adjusts to each part of your tooth. 

Every other day I use a Waterpik which is a water jet that shoots water through each gap in my teeth and ensures no food or yellow residue is in between each tooth, its also great for healthy gums. I highly recommend a waterpik for people with braces or just people who want to take their teeth cleaning to the next level. It replaces the need to floss. I can't floss at the moment due to my fixed retainer, which means my waterpik is a replacement for flossing during this time. I wish I had known about the waterpik years ago, it makes so much difference to the overall result. 

As mentioned above I am using a professional whitening kit called Phillips Zoom, Nite White. I use this for 3 nights in a row once a month for 2 months. and then occasionally to maintain the level of white I have achieved. The reason I went through my dentist for this treatment is because this included the impressions of my teeth needed for the retainers to use the whitening solution. This product cannot be purchased in the UK online and I urge you not to do this. If you want to use this then please seek a professional. If you would like to know which orthodontist I used please send me a message or email at

Ive always loved my teeth and I entered to be the face of Blanx toothpaste in 2013 through Cosmopolitan magazine, I made it to the top 10, you can read about it all here!

I'm always happy to give advice on teeth whitening or cleaning, if I have some knowledge I will give you it, you can tweet me @annaluefook or email me.


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