Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Maintaining Your Tan

For me the end of Summer is not only depressing but also devastating, this is mainly due to heading back to uni and realising there are no more days to lay in the sun on the beach in Ibiza or Marbella, boohoo. Admittedly I always looks healthier in Summer, that olive glowing tan and brown beach hair look does great things for my selfies. However the end of Summer doesn't have to include pale skin just yet if you follow a few tips I've discovered whilst desperately trying to save my tan.

1. After showering, bathing or swimming do NOT rub your skin dry with a towel, only PAT yourself dry, it sounds weird but you are actually rubbing your tan off if you do that.

2. Don't use any body scrubs, you are again just rubbing your tan off.

3. Keep shaving of your legs to a minimum, again the blades do take some skin off and reduce your tan.

4. Moisturise. and again. and again. My secret weapon. Lancaster Tan Maximizer. Its technically a 'soothing moisturiser after sun' it contains something that makes your tan more enhanced and longer lasting. Hello deep tan. The main purpose of this product is for use hours after your tanning session in the sun. But I find it works just as well at maintaining the tan i've gained for months on end. Plus it smells amazing, light yet summery. 

Pictured above are both the 250ml and 125ml bottles.
Get your Lancaster Tan Maximiser here!
Hold on to that little bit of summer for a long as you can.

Also available at Debenhams, subject to availability. 


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