Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Essential Makeup & Skincare

Being a blogger usually means you have a never ending obsession with Make up and Skin care, but for me not so much. Ok like anyone, I want my face to look good, but I want it to be easy, quick and not a chore at 8am every morning. Bobbi Brown make up is high quality but at affordable prices. Until a few months ago I was also applying my foundation with my fingers. Little did I know how much easier, quicker and more hygienic it was to use a brush. As far as brushes go I highly recommend Real Techniques for Foundation and Bronzer, but for brows and eyelids I recommend Lab 2. 

*All items shown in bold are links*

Skin Care

Hydrating and yet not greasy. I use this after a shower in a morning and every night as a makeup remover. 

Smells like oranges, great substitute for a primer.

Make up

I'm using the shade 4 Natural, and blending this with a real techniques expert face brush.

I'm using the shade 1 Golden Light, and applying this all over the face with a real techniques powder brush.

I'm using the shade 28 Uber Beige on the apples of my cheeks with the real techniques expert face brush and on my lips with the lab 2 lip brush. A love the two in love product.

I'm using the shade Saddle as an eyebrow filler with a lab 2 eyebrow brush and a brow and lash groomer. 

I'm using the shade Nude Beige for a more natural lip instead of the Pot Rouge.


I've just realised that my mascara is missing from this picture. Rookie error.

I just apply a small amount for a natural look.

As you can see from the items, I'm using pretty easy to apply and use products. I love to keep make up simple but effective. I think that Bobbi Brown is a brilliant brand for this. I also had a free make up lesson in the Bobbi Brown store in Windsor and this allowed me to learn about how to apply the makeup. The most important thing I learnt was to use the brushes, as the finish is more flawless and professional. Oh and to not use make up wipes ever. My skin is so much better for it. No dryness and that easily achievable dewy glowing skin in a few simple steps.

I'm thinking about doing a make up tutorial video, would you like to see this?
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