Monday, 21 September 2015

Back To Uni

This year I’m going back to university as a third year in my degree of Business and Management. For me its still a little daunting even though its my third year. With the level of work getting harder and each year challenging me more I do panic the week before the term starts about if ive bought all the things I need. But the more I attend my degree the more ive realized that just a few essentials can help with the whole process of starting or continuing on a course. I guess this list is aimed at third years, but it could be applied to freshers and second years and some items are generic. These are some of the things that helped me to survive second year.

A White board.
For me a white board allows me to make notes quickly and not worry too much about the fine details of the notes I’m making. To me there is something mentally relaxing about being able to rub out a bad or failed idea. I jot everything down I’m thinking and organize it later, no need to worry about how it looks as its so easily changeable.

A Pukka Pad.
This note pad has different sections, crucial for me when I have at least 5 units to learn each year. I can’t use notes that are different topics on one page, my brain does function well like that. So having dividers is important to me. Keep each topic separate; believe me when your writing essays it helps.

Bic Pens.
Comfy, easy to use and oh wait my fav colour ever black. Blue is just ew. I hate blue pens.

Berol Colours.
For making boring mind maps into colorful trails of organization. They seem fine in black in the first few weeks, but when the dissertation proposal looms under 10 pages of boring black and white a little colour is just what you need.

Post its.
Two uses. Lists of things that need doing, that can then be thrown in the bin once completed, I like that. And also for referencing. Make a list of the points you need to include in your essay. Then find each quote or section of the book that relates to your point. Put a post it on the right hand side of the page half sticking out of the book, jot down on the post it note in short the point your making. This makes is so much easier to reference and find where you got your points along the way. No more important useful quotes with no hope of finding a reference. Post its are god.
Cards against humanity.
Like any post I like to throw some humor in for good measure. But seriously this game is guaranteed to go down a treat irrelevant of what year your in at uni! It’s a card game and the questions and answers are really inappropriate, its really funny, but expensive, I think its worth it though.

How to Write Dissertations book.
Great read. Short and sweet. 2nd years should relish in this book because it also details how to write a dissertation proposal, something I didn't know how to write. This book broke each section down and made it easy for me to understand what I needed to do. It gives great ideas on how to organise your possible dissertation questions and how to find out which parts of information are relevant and what you are best to include. In short? An absolute must have for 2nd and 3rd years. 

So I hope you liked my collection of back to uni items, and a few study tips to help you with whatever course it is you may be starting, continuing or finishing! One year left for me. Hooray! 

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