Saturday, 11 April 2015

Hugh Rice The Jewellers, Blogger Event - Hull Fashion Week

Last night I was invited to be a guest blogger at Hugh Rice the Jewellers in St Stephens in Hull.
We were introduced to all the brands within the store and the products available.
We were allowed to try on many items and also network with each other.

This was the AMAZING goodie bag that we received from Hugh Rice with all these gorgeous presents in! I will be doing a post featuring individual items such as the Jewellery.
I got some Daisy Earrings, Hugh Rice Earrings, Diamonfire Pen and a Memonada Bracelet and much much more.

This is one photo I took of the store, how beautiful is the layout!

This is the ring that I tried on at the store. I absolutely love how it looks on my hand, the cut of the diamond. A girl can only dream. 

Here are the cupcakes and the pastries! 

LOOK at this Omega watch, again a girl can dream, I absolutely love it.

Thank you to Hugh Rice for inviting me to their event and for giving such amazing goodie bags.
Expect to see a few post featuring the Jewellery!



  1. Stunning photos! That ring is gorgeous <3

  2. Important blogger event show present nice watch,drinks,card also there are delicious food. so i am happy to read this post and know many things.

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