Thursday, 12 March 2015

Obsessivé Manchester

Obsessivé Manchester are a new clothing brand created by one guy from Hull and one guy from Manchester. Their line consists of unisex tees with more clothing ideas soon to be released.
I absolutely love my new logo tee. This tee is currently available in white, black and grey.
It's brilliant to see brands and businesses being created by the young generation of Hull.
The city should remember to support each other and local entrepreneurs.
That way success can be embraced exactly where it was formed.
Theses tees are of great quality and design, so get yours ordered!

Obsessivé Manchester have their own website. 
Shop the range;

Get yours at:

Highly recommended company with fast delivery. 
I will be ordering a few more of these in time for summer! 
Would also double as a holiday cover up in the size above.



  1. These look like such a great buy, especially because I am from Manchester living in London and sometimes I like showing off my origin! <3

    Check out my MAC Cinderella giveaway!

    1. Aw so glad you like them! let me know if you get some.