Sunday, 18 January 2015

i'm loving

As part of Dry January, which for the record, I have broken on many occasions, I have decided to drink more water. In order to do this I needed a new water bottle. Many days later after wasting countless amounts of pounds on avian bottles I decided enough was enough. I stumbled across Bkr on instagram. Here is my new edition. My bkr in 'tiptoe': a glass bottle with silicone sleeve, no chemicals and reusable. £25.00 not currently available for retail purchase in the UK. I bought from Fruugo, Sweden.
Admittedly, my mum thinks I've lost the plot, its expensive, but dude, have you seen a prettier water bottle? No, I think not.

macbook air: duh. £849.00 my fav christmas present.

new balance spots bra. £12.33 tkmaxx.

zara work out tee. sale. £6.99

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