Thursday, 25 September 2014

Season Changer

Boots already? unfortunately its freezing, so yes. Zara £30.00. Jumpers really? not quite coat weather but thick cardigans are in, Primark £10.00. Candles, are we having a power cut? no but a hot bath is much better with plenty of candles, Home Bargains £1.50. Scarf? really? Zara is the queen for this area £18.00. Super comfy relaxing wear is complusory for uni students right? Duh Primark are on form early for these, £6.00. The first thing is to maintain a tan, well now you can with Bobbi Brown Bronzers at £27.00 i like the shade golden light. Too many vodka and cokes? Too many jager bombs? Time to whiten for the winter. As usual, my go to product for teeth is Blanx, available in many variations of products from superdrug at just £6.00. 

I think, I can maybe deal with cold now? 
Probably not.

Is it June yet?

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