Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Key Silver Jewellery Pieces

Links of London Necklace £130.00

Links of London Bangle £140.00
Pandora Ring £65.00

These are my go to key jewellery pieces. I used to be into a lot of fashion jewellery, but when I started working in a local jewellers my obsession with just a few silver items grew and grew. I've always loved Links of London, (I did the whole sweetie bracelet thing at 16) and I adore this 20/20 necklace and the karabiner bangle. Links of London have really mastered simplicity and eye catching into these two beautiful items. The ring is Pandora, i've just looked online and its actually a discontinued piece.

Do you have a certain piece of jewellery that you adore?
Whats your favourite, silver, gold or rose gold?

Shop the range....
(happy late easter)
Anna x

*These items were gifts.


  1. These are such beautiful items! I personally love simplistic styles rather than over the top ones, and these are beautiful :) I personally like silver because i think it suits my skin colour better than the others;p x
    | Life as a Petite |

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