Sunday, 27 April 2014

Instagram, Cars and Boys

my boyfriend & I. 
my boyfriend cooking me a beautiful meal. 
my favourite bobbi brown everything mascara.
a few recent shots of my boyfriend & I.
but first, let me take a selfie.
i've been in hospital, nut allergy reaction, but i'm ok now.
my new steering wheel.
another shameful selfie.
my one year anniversary gifts, dior and links of london jewellery, keeper right?
my nude shellac nails.
my new car and my dads new car.
my nude shellac shoes.
my new car #2.
my new car #3.
my new car keys.

I HAVE A NEW CAR, totally in love. AUDI A1, a call her Audrina, isn't she BEAUTIFUL?
Boys, well boys are trouble, and yet so worth it.
and Instagram? well you should follow me. @annaluefook

I'm also now on blog lovin' use the link above my selfie in the right hand bar.


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