Monday, 24 March 2014

Tips for Hair Growth and Maintaining Long Healthy Hair

From a young age I have had my heart set on achieving long, dark strong and healthy hair. My hair grows particularly fast and is thick which works in my favour towards the hairstyle I would like to achieve. I get my hair trimmed regularly around every six to eight weeks. I love having long hair but maintaining its condition and styling it everyday is hard work. I really dislike how long it takes me to blow dry my hair, its so time consuming but nothing can compare to the finished look. So I have gathered just a few tips to help you on your quest of long and healthy hair!

I recommend that you...

Have regular hair cuts / trims
Having repeat appointments within a certain amount of time encourages the hair to grow from the follicle maximising length and quality.

Find a brilliant hairdresser and never let them go
I will admit that my hairdresser is a women I should thank continually for her wealth of knowledge and guidance over the years. Finding a hairdresser you can be honest with to achieve the look you want is also a key aspect to your dream hair. Debbie my hairdresser of Debonhair Beverley is amazing. She always helps me to get the look I want but informs me of the advantages and what will suit my face and body shape.

Keep colouring to a minimum
I have only ever had one full hair colour, and two sessions of a dip dye in my whole life. I do believe that this is the key to the level of growth that occurs. I haven't damaged my hair to the point of it not growing anymore. Some of my friends hair's just don't grow at all due to repeat colour damage. 

Don't wear extensions
Clip in hair extensions damage your scalp. I used to wear them in secondary school. They were more of a thickening tool than lengthening tool but they still weren't good for my hair. Its strange to think that pretending you have long hair with extensions actually hinders your natural hair from growing. Trying a thickening spray as an alternative. Plus looking back at my hair with extensions it just looked fake and didn't suit me personally.   

Avoid heat styling as much as possible
I must admit that 50% of the time I do not use heat to dry or style my hair. I let it dry naturally if i'm not leaving the house or try to mastle a style without heat such as gripping hair into curls and letting them sit in that position without heat. Not leaving the house today? Give your hair a break. After every wash you should be applying a heat protection if you plan to use any form of heat. For this I recommend Kerastase Ciment Thermique which can be applied to wet hair with your fingers. 

Wash your hair regularly
This sounds strange but your hair knows when you should be washing it. Your scalp builds up a pattern of how many days you go in between washes and therefore produces the correct amount of (for want of a better word) grease/oil. I tend to wash my hair every other day. Which I know is bad for my hair but I just cannot cope with hair that isn't freshly washed and smelling beautiful.

Don't do the towel twist
Don't put your hair up twisted into a towel after washing it. This stretches the hair and can cause breakage and split end damage. 

Give your hair adequate hydration
I use Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Mask once a week on the lengths and ends to encourage the water to be hydrated and shiny. By preventing the hair from becoming too dry you are enabling the hair to be stronger and this reduces the risk of breakage. 

Most of all Embrace your natural style and colour
I have realised that to gain the length and quality of the hair I want then I need to keep it as natural as possible. Look back at pictures from when you were younger and what your hair was like without heat and styling. Try to embrace the colour of your hair. I love how dark mine is and the depth is has. 

Do you have any tips for long hair?
Do you have a holy grail hair product?



  1. Wow, your hair is gorgeous! I'm so jealous.
    I'll definitely stop applying heat on my poor hair, since I've been getting split ends lately. :(
    Thanks for the post, dear. My hair will be grateful. x

    1. Thank you so much. I really do look after my hair.
      Just see how quickly your hair starts to look more healthy and less dry from heat.

      Anna x

  2. I never thought twisting my hair in the towl can be harmful. Interesting!
    And I like your hair, they have this healthy shine. :)

    1. yes it breaks off the ends!!
      thank you x