Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Primark Haul

Today my mum dragged me from under a pile of books to go shopping (not literally). This is just a small collection of the items I bought from Primark today. I really dislike this time of the year between winter and spring because i'm stuck between the 'coats and boots' and the 'blazers and pumps'. If I wear a coat i'm really warm and if I wear a blazer i'm really cold. So today I have been looking for a coat/blazer which is warm enough to wear during the cold with a scarf and still cool enough for when theres a little sun. I found this cream one shown above which i'm in love with. However I am slightly worried about the washing side of it with the colour being so light but it does say machine washable, but we'll see how that pans out later on in the year when the foundation covered collar needs a wash!

I bought a few coloured vest which will pair well with black jeans and this coat/blazer (clazer).
These sunglasses that I can throw in my car for the sunny morning drive to college.
These sandal/shoes which can be my transition shoe from boot to sandal.
These chubby stick and lip stain dupes super cheap and cheerful.
This bag which I need for college for my big annoying and heavy finance books with built in ipad case.

Absolutely love primark, so affordable. Ok it's not suitable for ALL clothing but a few bits and bobs here and there!

Clazer (lol) £25.00
Sun Glasses £2.00
Tops £3.00
Sandals £14.00
Chubby Sticks / Lip Stains £1.50
Bag £9.00

Do you like primark?
What are your latest finds?
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  1. Those shoes are super cute!