Thursday, 16 May 2013

Instagramming #6

My Gym clothes, All Nike.
Connor & I at home.
My current life, work, work and more work.
My Mum & I.
Connor & I in Leeds Trinity.
The flowers Connor sent me!
Me wearing Connors clothes.
A cheeky foot rub caught on camera.
Personalised Coke.
Pandora Rings.
Races day.
Short Shorts!
Me wearing Connors clothes again.
My expression when told I have more coursework.
My being happy when the weather was HOT.
Me before my run, (i know, i'm shocked too).

I hope you haven't all forgotten about me, i'm buried in coursework at the moment!!!!!!!!!!
Lord help me.
Not even enough time for shopping, something is definitely wrong.


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