Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk

Boots £10.00
Purchased as set 'Soap & Glory, Best of All' RRP £60.00

Every year my mum buys me a Soap and Glory set and along with that comes the rekindling of my love for all things S&G. Amazing smells and reasonable pricing are just some of the key elements to the company’s success. I've had various holy grail items from this company year on year but this time it's different. I opened my set to find a wealth of amazing products. I routinely smell each product and decide which one is my favourite. This year the smell of the Body Milk took my fancy. After repeated sniffing and major attempts to guess its ingredients I've decided they have it right. Yes it does smell like a smoothie, and the nicest smoothie I have ever smelt. It's Almond, Oats and Brown Sugar mix is rich and inviting.
I now most evenings get a bath instead of a shower with a drop of Jo Malone body oil and soak for at least 40 minutes. Wash my hair and then jump out of the bath. Followed by a light towel drying of the hair and mild patting of the body with a towel. I do this because I like to have reasonably damp skin to allow the magical Smoothie Star to work it's deep moisture magic. Moisture Lock is the name of that magical water retaining ingredient. I feel smooth yet, moisturised, my skin is quenched not drenched and in the morning I feel the same, satisfied and soft.
Try it, is all I can say, I highly doubt you will be disappointed. 


  1. Sounds lovely! xo

  2. sounds really good i love soap & glory to x