Thursday, 10 January 2013

iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD

iPad Mini White 16GB Wifi £269.00
Kindle Fire HD £159.00*

After buying myself the new iPad mini and two weeks later receiving a call from my college to say I’d won a Kindle HD Fire I was pretty excited to be all geeked up with my new tech gear! Honestly I’ve never read so much since getting a kindle, or played that many pointless yet addictive games. Because I have both, I thought I could do a small review.
Firstly, I am an Apple lover, and I don’t mean the fruit kind. I have the first generation iPad iPhone, iPhone 5 & occasionally use my uncles Apple TV. I would like a Mac Book Pro but they are very expensive and it’s a big investment that I’m thinking my student loan my help with. (hoping I get into uni here)
Kindle has always caught my eye because it’s a concept ideal for holidays and convenience with college books. I’m hoping to study for a Marketing degree in September so this will help a lot with all those books I will have to trawl through.
I would say that the products do what they are designed to do very well. The iPad is a beautiful design and any company would struggle to compete with Apples design of the iPad. Reading a book on the Kindle is easier on the eye than the iPad. Importing is simple on the Kindle, usb and a basic drag and drop system. The iPad is more complicated with having to use itunes to import everything.
Overall, the iPad can do what the Kindle can do and more. The Kindle is a beautiful product and is a cheaper well-made alternative. Some people want a tablet and see that a Kindle can fulfil that need. Some people like me feel that the Apple iPad is so much more and offers potential that they can justify paying Apples prices.
Both products can satisfy a specific person’s needs.  
Personally I prefer the iPad because I use it more for writing assignments and college work.
I have nothing against the Kindle as I love that product also!
A few apps worth a mention from Apple App Store:
The Room (iPhone 5 & iPad only)
Pages (mac version of windows)
Flow Free
Cooking Mama
O2 Moments
Sky Go
*Kindle gifted by college


  1. I have an ipad mini and love it xx

  2. i have a kindle fire well its my mums & its great though i still love my laptop xx

    1. yesssss kindles are so cute. and i agree. nothing replaces the functionality of a laptop! xx

  3. I have a regular Ipad and I love it, it's perfect for traveling and for using in bed :-)

    1. ohhhhh traveling with an iPad is bliss. and its so light which makes using it in bed so lovely!


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    1. thanks for the comment.
      i have followed your blog.


  5. Great insight into these 2! I'd love an ipad, but having just got a macbook pro for christmas, I doubt that will be happening anytime soon haha! Just seen your comment on my blog, and I defo had to come on over and reply! I'm not even quite sure why I havent been keeping up with my blog, its abit dusty and I really should get back into it! Really havent been motivated, and thought maybe people are a tad bored of seeing my nails. Although I haven't been posting, I have been checking out other blogs and keeping update. Especially yours ahah its one of my fav 'go to' blogs I must admit! Hopefully I'll start blogging sometime soon. Maybe a post next week or so! Kira xxx

    1. You are so lucky, i would really love a Macbook Pro! I think its nice to step out of the constant blogging routine. Nobody is bored of seeing your nails they are amazing! That is such a lovely thing to say i'm glad you read it! Ohhhh let me know when you post again, i miss reading your blog!! xxx