Sunday, 11 November 2012

Neutrogena Mask & T-Zone Gel Wash Reviews

£5.68 for 150ml
Out of the two products I feel that this product gave me more of the results I am looking for. I have normal to dry skin and occasionally my face peals with dry flakes. I found this product to unclog my pores, and purify my skin deep down. I have used it in the morning as a wash and on the night as a mask as I feel keeping the thing I put on my skin in a morning should be light and less intense, the evening mask tingles and I really feel it working. It has helped to get my spots under control, not that I have lots, but the odd occasionally one is gone after the night time mask has done its bit! I think that the mask side of the product is better than the wash. But both work well.

£4.50 for 150ml
This product I feel is very good as targeting specific areas where I have large pores and stop prone areas. For me this product as a gel is light, refreshing and offers something completely different to the Neutrogena product. I would however like to continue to buy both products. I have had the t-zone one for about 4 months and have still over half left. A little goes a long way unlike the Neutrogena product as I need a good amount to cover the whole face. This product foams like a soap and the other product doesn't. Therefore they are both unique in their features.

The Verdict
My Favourite: 
Neutrogena Mask
Value for money:  T-Zone Gel Wash
Which i'd send as a present: Neutrogena Mask


  1. I love the using the Neutrogena one as a mask too, the tingly feeling makes me think it's doing something! 8) x

  2. love your blog, your posts are so good to read!

  3. I love the 2-in-1 mask , been using it for years :) x

  4. The Neutrogena 2in1 is really good! And even though, I have dry skin and it will leave me with the tight feeling after washing my face, I use it occasionally!! It is that good!

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