Thursday, 20 September 2012

What's in your bag?

I don't know about anyone else, but I constantly wonder what people have hiding in their bags. Are they messy? organised? do they use one of those bag organisers? would I laugh if I saw the contents of their bag? would someone laugh if they saw the contents of mine? So I thought the best thing to do would be to bare all, and show you, what the contents of my bag really is, in the hope that you might just show me in return.

To start off my bag is a Primark copy of the Zara tote bag. It was only £12.00 I just couldn't resist. 

It also has the detachable strap but I never use it.
 Anyway on with the contents:

iPad - to use for lessons and to fill spare time.
Note pad - to lessons, and blogging ideas.
Diary - to know where I need to be and when.
Pen x2 - self explanatory.

Gucci Glasses - I wear contacts, but occasionally wear my glasses.

Ray Bans - for looking cool / protecting my eyes.
USB - saving my college work on.

Purse - £££ duh.

Lipgloss - a bit of lipgloss is heaven in a morning.
Lipsticks x2 - to add a bit of colour to my lips.

Extra Chewy - for when that garlic bread was irresistible during my lunch hour.
Paracetamol - self explanatory.
Ibuprofen -  self explanatory. 

Piriton - nut allergy.

Adrenalin Epipen - nut allergy.

What's in YOUR bag?

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*I have severe nut allergy and mild asthma, so that explains the Epipen and Piriton, i'm not carry my inhalers with me at the moment because my asthma is under control. When my friends have aches and pains they always refer to me as nurse nancy, with all the pills and potions you could possibly need. 

Anna x