Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Face of Blanx, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME


This toothpaste is beautiful. This taste is amazing. Its quite expensive though for a general everyday toothpaste about £6.00 from Asda. But if your looking for a new toothpaste and your willing to splash the cash every now and then, i would definitely recommend this. I tend to buy this once every two months. I can really see the difference it has made to my teeth. 

Would I recommend this product to other bloggers?
Yes, if are willing to spend more for a better result.

Would I buy this product for a friend as a gift?
Er, probably not, who buys their friend toothpaste?! (i'd be insulted if someone bought me this)

Would I buy this product if it was selling at the RRP price and not on sale?
Yes, and you can get it at home bargains for £4.00 but the packaging is in another language.

If I had to sum up the results of the styler with one word what would it be?

Please vote for me to be the new face of Blanx toothpaste!
Thank you to everyone that votes.

Anna x

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