Sunday, 30 September 2012

Perfume Reviews

£40.00 for 50ml
High-end product.

This perfume is my favourite out of the two. I think this is because it is less intense and smells even better the longer you have had it on. I find that a bottle of this size lasts around three to four months. I use it most days before leaving the house unless I forget and feel that it lasts a long time as I can smell it all day. I feel that this product is worth the money and would recommend this to anyone that likes something noticeable yet not too severe. I always ask for this perfume for my birthday from my boyfriend and parents to get all stocked up. 

£76.00 for 100mlHigh-end product.
This perfume is my second favourite. This perfume masters the 'just got out of the shower' smell which i always crave. I usually carry the smaller version of this around in my bag for a lunchtime freshen up. I recently stocked up on Jo Malone in westfields which you can see a post about here. I think these products are very good quality and are worth every penny (and lots of them). The presentation of Jo Malone products is priceless and has yet to be even touched upon by another brand. I specifically buy these products as presents for people because of their stunning packaging.

What are your favourite perfumes?

Can anyone recommend another high-end perfume?
Can anyone recommend a body spray that smells beautiful?!

Anna x


  1. Love Dior perfumes! Good reviews xx

  2. I love Dior too! Have you smelt the new one? It's in a purple bottle. It's TO DIE. :) xx

    1. No i need to though:) thanks for the comment:) xx

  3. I love the Dior one, it's such a great perfume. xo