Thursday, 27 September 2012

Kurt Geiger Jewellery

Naturally as any girl would be i'm regularly in love with the Kurt Geiger jewellery every time I visit Leeds. Before I can buy anything my body has pulled me out of the shop before I spend my full months wages. However on a day out in Portsmouth the last store I ever thought I would find would be KG. My god I was surprised. There was a Jack Wills as well but i'm kind of past that stage. (seriously i had an obsession, i'm over it, but now refuse to sell my collection on ebay) 
I went to Portsmouth with my family and shopped all day Sunday in Gunwarf Quays which is an outlet shopping centre.
I managed to buy £130.00 worth of Kurt Geiger jewellery for £10.00!!!
£10.00 and no this isn't a typo.

The 2nd image is the Milly Bracelet RRP £40.00 I bought for £3.00

The 3rd image is the Kitty Bracelet RRP £30.00 I bought for £3.00
The 4th image is the Jerry Bracelet RRP £40.00 I bought for £3.00

The 5th image is the Stud Bracelet x2 RRP £20.00 I bought for £1.00

I'm completely in ore of these purchases and couldn't believe the sales reduction within the outlet. 

Have you ever bought some amazingly reduced jewellery?
Where are your favourite places to shop for jewellery?

Anna x