Sunday, 26 August 2012

Instagramming #4

My premier badge for Beverley Races, Before the races, Driving mums BMW as a treat, My first video, Arm candy, Coconut body butter review, Me abroad pretending to be SNOOOKI wants PICKLES, South of Spain holiday outfit, Me in my Mini Cooper, Again on holiday in my peplum, My chanel purchase in Covent Garden, Drinks with friends, First class trip to London, The penthouse at the hotel in London, The view from the penthouse and just me with my Michael Kors aviators. 

Firstly, i hope everyone is enjoying my new YouTube channel, if you haven't already ready viewed it here is the link. I am going to continue with this channel due to the amount of views i have had in the last 3 days. I feel like i'm finally connecting with my readers more. I do wish all you readers would comment though, or at least tell me you watched it, because I want to thank you and ask you about my videos for ideas and advice. 

I hope your all enjoying summer, and a wet one at that. My hunters have been out more often than not! Today i went to the Beverley races but i didnt need my wellies as the weather was brilliant! I can't wait to go again. I won £19.00 was i'm happy with for my first go at horse racing! 

Please comment with video suggestions, because I need to know what you want to watch?!
Thank you to everyone for supporting me, it means a lot!

Anna x


  1. lovely photos! chanel uh ohhh xx

    1. i only bought my bronzer, i got out before i could buy anymore! ps, please read my video and comment, i really value your comments!! xx

  2. Really nice photo's , i love your dress