Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Jo Malone Illustrations

Jo Malone is renowned for its amazing fragrances and packaging. My mother, I believe is officially addicted to the company as a whole and each of its products. She has a particular favourite though; Grapefruit.

Whilst in London during the Olympics I visited the village and the surrounding areas. I went into Westfields for a while and stumbled across my mums favourite fragrance shop, Jo Malone. In the shop window I noticed some unique and eye-catching packaging, not like the usual style boxes that my mum has piled up at home. These were covered in beautiful illustrations of various parts of London, I just HAD to find out who had drawn these beautiful designs and when! Inside the shop I asked the assistant about the illustrations and she said that a lady had just done them and was now leaving. I jumped at the chance to speak to the artist of such unique work. 

I think anyone would agree that these boxes are amazing!!

Jo Malone Box Illustrations by Zeba Chowdhury

Thank you Zeba!

Anna x

*There should be a Vlog post about this soon when I finally tackle YouTube!

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