Saturday, 11 August 2012

Coconut Body Butter @ The Body Shop Review

The Body Shop
RRP £12.50*

Personally I feel that this is the best Body Butter I have ever used.
I have HAD stretch marks on the top of my legs and have been keen to try a coconut based moisturiser for a while.
When I left working at River Island my colleges bought me a Luxury Coconut Gift Set which consisted of;
Coconut Shower Cream 250 ml
Coconut Body Butter 200 ml
Coconut Soap 100 g
Coconut Body Scrub 200 ml
Two-Tone Bath Lily
Available via The Body Shop
RRP £25.00

I cannot express my happiness with the results from using all of these products but in particular the Body Butter which I apply daily after each bath/shower. I have gone from having clear pink lines which were defined and slightly embarrassing, to little / no sign of the stretch marks. The only slight reminder I have of them are tiny white barely visible lines.
Shaving my legs, drying them and then applying this beautiful smelling butter is my favourite part of my daily routine!

I have recently spotted that this product has gone up in price. I'm sure it was previously around £8.00 however due to this product being a 'best seller' they have increased the prices.
Therefore I did try an alternative to see if I could match this product for a cheap alternative. I FAILED MISERABLY! I purchases Derma V10 Coconut Body Butter Moisturiser 220ml from home bargains for 89p! but honestly, its just not the same, so i'm back to my Coconut body butter, with the truly ethical trading company I cannot love enough.

Would I recommend this product to other bloggers?
Yes, especially if you have stretch marks, or just like to smell good enough to eat. 

Would I buy this product for a friend as a gift?
NO, my friends will smell as nice as me then, sorry i can't do that!!

Would I buy this product even after the rise in price?
Honestly, yes. It's so worth it. 

If I had to sum up the results of the body butter with one word what would it be?

Anna x


  1. Hiya Anna! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster blog award!
    My mum has this body butter and I am constantly stealing it. It smells TOO good!

    1. oh thank you!!
      we share the love of body butter!

  2. helloooo.
    i really like your blog.
    i've just got three body butters for my birthday and am just testing them out a bit more before doing the review.
    you should try the choccomania one. it smells amazing!
    laura x

    1. oh how lovely, i'm not a massive fan of chocolate in all honesty!
      but i will follow you right now:)


  3. Ahh I love this stuff, smells amazing! x

  4. ahhh looks lush! but i don't like coconut :(

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

    1. Ah i see, possibly try the Mango one?

      there are lots to choose from!
      let me know if you finally get one:)
      and enjoy!