Thursday, 21 June 2012


Did someone day MAGALUF?

Hey readers! My lack of blogging at the moment is because i've had end of year assignments to do, which will all be over by next Thursday, also because i'm poorly and have a virus (lemsip ewww), my wardrobes are having a full new refit, so out with the laminate doors and in with the white gloss ones, BEAUTIFUL. Pictures to follow in a week when completed! Despite my current physical state (drama queen) I have managed to pack some clothes for MAGALUF, already, i hear you say? YES too excited not to!!!!

I am, as we speak, attempting to dip dye some old extensions that i never use, in the hope that they will look amazing and i'll wear them again! (i never wear extentions - and haven't in any post so far).
I'm going for a blonde tip style, or even just light brown tip. I keep watching them and i don't think its working! :(
I'm very stupid in the hair dye department as my hair has never been dyed! Natural!!!!!!!

This is the only non boring photo I could manage to take as the cold and virus will me back to my pit (bed).

I would just like to say thank you to my current 75 followers. The number is rising daily and every time I check i get excited! I'm going to be doing a giveaway soon! All will be revealed. My views have also reached blooming high numbers for a little girl from Hull!

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and again, thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(sorry about this being such a short post, (cough cough, sniffle sniffle))

Anna x

way to many !!!!!!!!! in this most


  1. I'm going to Turkey in 16 days- ahhh! Hope you get better really soon Anna, especially for Maga!
    Love Hannah Rose

  2. WOW have fun! i'm so excited. What a lovely comment! thank you.

    love Anna