Saturday, 2 June 2012

Saturday Portrait Week 2

Last week I ordered a white dress/longtop for my holiday to Magaluf from Topshop. It arrived, plus a crown! This is because Topshop having a competition to crown somebody the Topshop Queen. To enter you must have purchased something online from Topshop before midnight on 27th May. You then have to tweet a picture of yourself wearing the crown. Mine arrived in light blue, and I love it. Perfect for the Jubilee 2012 celebrations.

I have been busy holiday shopping this week, going bowling with friends and eating at Frankie and Bennies on the lunch menu, beautiful! Another post to follow by the end of the day featuring; what i'm lusting after, and what i've bought. Both equally as expensive. Managed also to get a nice tan from the lovely scooorchio sun in Hull, rare and yet gladly appreciated on arrival.

My main 'wants' on the holiday shopping list this week were a beach bag, and some white flipflops.
All will be revealed.

I'm interested to know what people are doing together with family and friends over the Jubilee long weekend?

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