Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Orange & Up

Earings: Topshop end of line

Hair Doughnut: Amazon

So my hair is up and the Orange Topshop dress is out as I was feeling a change was in order. 
A lot of work to do this week and so don't have a lot of time to spend on blogging.
I did use my Topshop smoky eye palette which is so effective and can be worn during the day if applied in the correct way. If you apply black eye liner just a small amount in a thin line from the edge to about half way in the middle of the lid and then on top put the black eye shadow again only in a thin line from the palette it adds a smoky but suitable look for the day. I like eyeshadow more when hair is worn up hence the photos.
Questions allowed on hair how to's but i'm not going to write about it unless requested as i'm not into hair tutorials, sorry. 

More blogging to follow during the week. 
Alton Towers on friday after a business event starting at 7:15 which I am NOT looking forward to but hey, 
SPLASH LANDINGS here I come! and the first opening day for the theme park on saturday waahooo!



  1. Thank you, I think it's because I tan quite well with my Olivey skin! Xx