Friday, 3 February 2012


001. So I had another shopping spree. I didn't know that you could get discount on even sale items in Outfit. I managed to buy a triangular ring, top, scarf and shoes for £32.50, absolutely brilliant. The ring and scarf are from Topshop, shoes and top are Dorothy Perkins. Ive only shown the top, ring and shoes in this post so there are more posts to follow about the scarf.

002. Yesterday I ordered a remote for my Canon 550d from Amazon so it should arrive soon, very excited to see its potential and if it will add ease to my photography. I have also been asked to take some photography at my friend Millie's mum's wedding during the summer, which I am honoured about. Just a few not a massive portfolio but still, wow.

003. It's SNOWING in Hull at the moment and extremely cold around -5 on an evening. But I must admit that I do enjoy wrapping up warm with plenty of layers. Hoping that it lays properly to make it ok for me to wear my hunters all the time!

004. I'm reading up on some different nail designs at the moment on a blog called ETC. They are perfect and just what I have been looking for. The blog is written by a 22 year old girl called Erin.
The link to her blog is
and the link directly to my favourite nail post is
The Rabbit Nails one is amazing, and I cannot wait to try it out myself.
Please follow Erin's blog.

Anna x


  1. Aww you're so sweet, glad you like my nail posts :) I must do some more tutorials soon!
    I love your shoes and your rings especially the triangle one! x

  2. i love your blog, seriously. subscribing asap!X

  3. thank you so much!
    i'll take a look at yours

  4. and Erin, i just adore all your nail posts! x