Thursday, 12 January 2012

Impulse Purchase

Hey my now 10 followers, so happy!
Ok so yes there are only 10 but i'm only just getting started and so that number will do me for now.
I'm currently loving the pale ice cream colours in nail varnishes and had a bit of an impulse buy today in Topshop after realising that i'll get student discount on these beautiful colours! I've used the pink one tonight, and it is perfect, exactly what i've been looking for.

I also have been regretting buying an adult pair of Hunters in navy shown above on the left. However they are way too long for me and give me welly rub. and yes I did say WELLY not WILLY. (£80 down the drain). Therefore I have begged my boyfriend to buy me a black childrens pair. They are gorgeous and definitely worth £35, bargin!

I'm trying to curb my fashion spending at the moment (which is not working) as I need to pay for my holiday to Magaluf, Mallorca Rocks with the girls in July, very very very excited. Slightly more than my worrying parents but hey!

Anna x

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