Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Allegra Black

15 followers, well i'm so excited that everytime I post I have another lovely follower!

Today I have had a very relaxed day as I have tuesdays off from college which is heavenly. I bought another Magnetise Nail varnish in purple in Meadowhall on saturday, it's quick dark actually and I was hoping it would be a bit lighter but still its gorgeous!

I'm getting my room decorated again, I'm thinking white walls and a bold bedding although not sure how i plan to tell my mum i'd like new bedding when she bought me the kingsize Jack Wills traditional colours one not that long ago, it was about £150 for the bedding and £30 per pillow case, so as you can imagine it's not going to go down too well.

These Topshop Allegra Black beauties were £75 and I had to drive to Doncaster to get them. If you want the boots you have to be willing to make the journey for your size, especially when i'm only a size 3. (inconvenient!!)
They are not out of stock and have closed the line for these boots. Devastated. 
The dress is from Ark, I only know of an Ark in Leeds or Hull. 
The leggings are also Topshop, i buy ankle length leggings so that they are shorter and fit me better, they are also cheaper!
The belt is Topshop from last season, i love how this belt can make even a black bin liner have the perfect body fitting shape. 

I'm going to do something completely mad and buy the Kipling Limited Edition Camera bag by Andy from StyleScrapbook. It's on ebay for £100 so i'm going to go wild and just hopefully get it. (pray for me)
You'll understand why i'm willing to pay so much when you see it!!!

I've got some brilliant outfits planned for posts this week so keep coming back.

Anna x

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